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Opinion columnists

  • Sam Reed:  Let's bury the hatchet  Mar. 24

  • James Robert Deal:  Utility should have to prove its safety  Mar. 24

  • David Sirota:  Charter schools: No silver bullet  Mar. 24

  • Froma Harrop:  Sky not falling with Japanese birthrates  Mar. 24

  • Charles Krauthammer:  Now comes Obamacare's reckoning  Mar. 23

  • Dana Milbank:  Etch a Sketch gaffe  Mar. 23

  • Charles C. Haynes:  Character, freedom and the legacy of Sandy McDonnell  Mar. 22

  • Debra J. Saunders:  Washington's war on synthetic drugs  Mar. 22

  • Dana Milbank:  Dickens, Orwell echo in Ryan plan  Mar. 22

  • David Ignatius:  The spin on al-Qaida  Mar. 21

  • Richard S. Davis:  Taxes likely a hot topic in state elections  Mar. 21

  • Kathleen Parker:  A rose isn't always a rose  Mar. 21

  • Dana Milbank:  The founders never conceived this  Mar. 20

  • Eugene Robinson:  Stuck in a campaign rut  Mar. 20

  • Froma Harrop:  Eliminate expensive care that hurts patients  Mar. 20

  • Larry Simoneaux:  New Orleans still tugs, but Northwest is home now  Mar. 19

  • David Ignatius:  Bin Laden: A lion in winter  Mar. 19

  • David Ignatius:  Bin Laden's plot against Obama  Mar. 18

  • Kathleen Parker:  The silence of the lions  Mar. 18

  • Dana Milbank:  A Republican 'Mediscare'?  Mar. 18

  • David Sirota:  The layer ploy  Mar. 17

  • Paul Roberts:  His service touched the entire state  Mar. 17

  • Robert G. Zimmerman:  Legal appeal could cost taxpayers millions  Mar. 16

  • Charles Krauthammer:  Obama's fantasy-driven energy policy  Mar. 16

  • Eugene Robinson:  Santorum needs Gingrich in the race  Mar. 16

  • Dana Milbank:  Special, and all very cricket  Mar. 15

  • Debra J. Saunders:  Obama dribbles from mandate to man date  Mar. 15

  • David Ignatius:  Afghanistan: Focus on a proper ending  Mar. 15

  • John Burbank:  Undermining state pensions is short-sighted  Mar. 14

  • Dana Milbank:  In Section 60, home too soon  Mar. 14

  • Kathleen Parker:  Kiss my gritsies, please  Mar. 14

  • Eugene Robinson:  It's pointless to delay: Bring home the troops  Mar. 13

  • Froma Harrop:  The real problem with online anonymity  Mar. 13

  • Dana Milbank:  That's what Super Friends are for?  Mar. 13

  • Larry Simoneaux:  Four ways we're slipping down a steep slope  Mar. 12

  • Kathleen Parker:  GOP problem with women is long-term  Mar. 11

  • Dana Milbank:  Believe it, he's a winner  Mar. 11

  • Debra J. Saunders:  Santorum, the exorcist candidate  Mar. 11

  • David Ignatius:  Rattling Iran's weak link  Mar. 11

  • Bill Stafford:  Strengthening a key community asset  Mar. 10

  • David Sirota:  A welcome return to standards  Mar. 10

  • U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen:  Securing the future of Naval Station Everett  Mar. 9

  • Charles Krauthammer:  Obama's top Iran priority: Stop Israel  Mar. 9

  • Eugene Robinson:  A field of hawks  Mar. 9

  • Dana Milbank:  The GOP's gasoline alley  Mar. 8

  • David Ignatius:  U.S., Pakistan take a breather  Mar. 8

  • Richard S. Davis:  Legislative insurrection was needed  Mar. 7

  • Dana Milbank:  Obama settles in to Washington's ways  Mar. 7

  • Kathleen Parker:  Letter to Mitt: Ignore George Will  Mar. 7

  • Froma Harrop:  What Limbaugh is really about  Mar. 6

  • Dana Milbank:  AIPAC beats the drums of war  Mar. 6

  • Eugene Robinson:  Where is GOP outrage over Rush?  Mar. 6

  • Larry Simoneaux:  A fix-it guy in a decidedly throw-away culture  Mar. 5

  • David Ignatius:  A rare example of bipartisanship  Mar. 4

  • Dana Milbank:  Republicans: You do know women vote, right?  Mar. 4

  • Debra J. Saunders:  From a plea for choice to a roar of entitlement  Mar. 4

  • Kathleen Parker:  Limbaugh becomes a uniter  Mar. 4

  • Sen. Nick Harper:  Budget shenanigans a blow to transparency  Mar. 3

  • Tracey A. Thompson:  Staff safety must be a higher priority  Mar. 3

  • Lee H. Hamilton:  Citizens have room to improve, too  Mar. 3

  • David Sirota:  The opposite of snobbery  Mar. 3

  • Charles Krauthammer:  Romney lucks out; Santorum misplays hand  Mar. 2

  • Eugene Robinson:  The danger of Mitt being Mitt  Mar. 2

  • Dana Milbank:  A moderate's lament  Mar. 1

  • David Ignatius:  Yemen's peaceful transition  Mar. 1

  • Reince Priebus:  Obama remains silent on his failures  Feb. 29

  • Kathleen Parker:  Santorum's snobbery  Feb. 29

  • Debra J. Saunders:  To Newt, cheap gas is good  Feb. 28

  • Dana Milbank:  Common ground becomes a great divide  Feb. 28

  • Michael Gerson:  Romney's wealth problem  Feb. 28

  • Eugene Robinson:  Santorum in the extreme  Feb. 28

  • Larry Simoneaux:  No thanks, Facebook, I'm happier as a dinosaur  Feb. 27

  • Barbara Wright and Reid Shockey:  Fragile economy can't afford legislative inaction this year  Feb. 26

  • Kathleen Parker:  GOP can't win this culture war  Feb. 26

  • Debra J. Saunders:  What have you done for me lately, GOP?  Feb. 26

  • Dana Milbank:  GOP gender gap grows wider  Feb. 26

  • David Ignatius:  The way to bring down Assad  Feb. 26

  • Leslie Lauer and Matt Reinhard:  So many reasons why we all need the Y  Feb. 25

  • Jane Teske and Julia Weinberg:  Smart staffing laws enhance safety  Feb. 25

  • Bernard Duplessis:  Online learning deserves full funding  Feb. 24

  • Michael Gerson:  Obama's 'in-between' Iran option  Feb. 24

  • Eugene Robinson:  Gulf War III isn't an option  Feb. 24

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