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A geographic look at the Snohomish County executive election

A close look at election results in the Snohomish County executive race suggest there is more to the story than incumbent Aaron Reardon running up a double-digit victory. With results from the Nov. 8 general election recently certified, we loaded up...

Date: 12/11/11 | Need to Know

GOP intent on picking 'anyone who can't win'

WASHINGTON -- "Anybody but Mitt" has become a familiar mantra throughout the Republican primary campaign. It is also weird and self-defeating. Republicans apparently want to nominate ANYone except the one person who can defeat Barack Obama. And for...

Date: 12/11/11 | Opinion Columnists

U.S. still has a chance to right itself

WASHINGTON -- Is American power in decline, relative to the rest of the world? That question is at the center of a provocative study by the U.S. intelligence community exploring what the world might look like in 2030. The answer, judging by comments...

Date: 12/11/11 | Opinion Columnists

Messenger of nastiness finds message aimed at him

WASHINGTON -- The campaign of Mitt Romney, the Rip van Winkle of presidential politics, finally awakened last week with a savage counterattack against Newt Gingrich, the man who against all odds is threatening to wrest the Republican nomination from...

Date: 12/11/11 | Opinion Columnists

Good work on UW's opponent

As alumni of Baylor University, my wife and I have appreciated the excellent sports coverage of and for Baylor in the articles about the Alamo Bowl. Keep up the good work! Rae Stephenson Bothell

Date: 12/11/11 | Letters

Helping addicts good investment

Chances are good that each reader of this letter has a relative or friend addicted to alcohol or drugs. Addiction often leads to unemployment and decimation of personal resources, so publicly funded treatment is needed by many. Gov. Gregoire's Nov.

Date: 12/11/11 | Letters

What's missing is citizen input

Why do people still buy the line that unfettered free-market capitalism creates jobs? Because they think it's worked so well for us so far? Where have you been? Taxes are lower than they have ever been and the regulations that we fought so hard for...

Date: 12/11/11 | Letters

Talk about gays in military hateful

Rick Perry's hateful words about gays serving openly in the military are so offending it is difficult to rebut his bigoted...

Date: 12/11/11 | Letters

Mars exploration; priorities askew

My Nov. 28 letter, "Mars exploration a waste of money," needs clarification starting with the headline. I headlined it "Mars...

Date: 12/11/11 | Letters

We have become a food stamp nation

On a run to the local pharmacy, I happened to take note of an elderly woman who was getting her meds and noticed that one of the few cards she pulled out was a Washington SNAP card. The same card I have. Lately, I've been noticing that a lot of...

Date: 12/11/11 | Letters

Belief one thing, economy another

In the Dec. 1 letter "Stop funds for abortion, clinics," the author suggests this as a way to help with the state budget deficit. I think...

Date: 12/11/11 | Letters

Wait OK, if reforms result

State lawmakers won't achieve the Gov. Chris Gregoire's goal of filling a $1.4 billion budget shortfall -- and leaving another $600 million in reserves -- by Christmas. It appears they may get about a quarter of the way there this week as they wind...

Date: 12/11/11 | Editorials

Marriage licenses

STANDISH, Douglas Charles and HENDRICKSON, Kayla Rose DORAME, Troy John and JONES, Judy Nadine GUTIERREZ, Juancarlos Malagon and BALDERAS-HEARNE, Evangelina BALLAS, Shane William and PARDINGTON FERNANDEZ, Jasmine Lorna EKHATOR, Cassius L. and...

Date: 12/11/11 | Vital Statistics


Cascade Valley Hospital, Arlington KNAUS, Kathryn and DAWSON, John, Arlington, boy, Nov. 23 JOHNSON, Linsey and Nicolas, Arlington, boy, Nov. 24

Date: 12/11/11 | Vital Statistics


MORENO, Ralph and Norma LITTLE, Jeremy and Kristine BURCH, Nathan and Kathleen WILKINS, Boyd and Roxanne GILBERTSON, Ben and KING, Courtney WORMAN, James and Janice HUTCHINS, Daniel and Sandra LUTTRELL, Craig and Rita FINNELL, Kelly and THOMSEN,...

Date: 12/11/11 | Vital Statistics

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