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Letters to the editor

  • Sounder train: Rail line fulfills predicted failure Mar. 23

  • Afghanistan: 'Code' for women another tragedy Mar. 23

  • Contraception: Student testified on behalf of others Mar. 23

  • Snohomish: Housing Hope too costly Mar. 23

  • Shooting fatality: Detail what donations are for Mar. 23

  • Health care: Most people do not agree with law Mar. 23

  • Obesity: New cereal sadly sums up problem Mar. 22

  • Legislature: Consolidation bill more bureaucracy Mar. 22

  • Government: A GOP lineup that will clean up Mar. 22

  • Tim Eyman: Try initiative to ban time change Mar. 22

  • Governor's race: Inslee won't be missed in D.C. Mar. 22

  • Same-sex marriage: Only a vote will reveal majority Mar. 22

  • Birth control: Privacy should be No. 1 concern Mar. 21

  • Contraception: Stand up for religious freedom Mar. 21

  • Price of oil: Americans must change lifestyle Mar. 21

  • Politics: Read what Rush, woman really said Mar. 21

  • Economy: Teach 99 percent value of money Mar. 21

  • Health care: Birth control not a basic 'free' right Mar. 20

  • Everett Clinic: Privacy policy very clear, concise Mar. 20

  • Pink slime: Food regulations need tightening Mar. 20

  • Everett Clinic: Good to know privacy protected Mar. 20

  • Keystone pipeline: Earthquake one of too many risks Mar. 20

  • Legislature: Real transparency requires reform Mar. 19

  • President Obama: Cast aspersions at expense of facts Mar. 19

  • Congress: Inslee owes us more service Mar. 19

  • Dental care: It really does pay to shop around Mar. 19

  • Birth control: No religion in politics, period Mar. 19

  • Birth control: Religious freedom is the only issue Mar. 18

  • Contraception: Feds' heavy hand squishes rights Mar. 18

  • Health Insurance : No outrage over Viagra, vasectomy? Mar. 18

  • Slippery slope: Why not repeat left's vulgarities? Mar. 18

  • Firearms: Safety courses succinct, smart Mar. 18

  • Gas prices: Don't be fooled by 'green' answers Mar. 18

  • Navy history: Help needed with museum ship models Mar. 17

  • Genealogical Society: Grateful to all for help in getting 'new' home Mar. 17

  • Inspiring stories: Athlete shows how to reach for dream Mar. 17

  • OpusBank: Any protections now in place? Mar. 16

  • Politics: Plenty of Dems full of incivility Mar. 16

  • Birth control: Women's rights stop at my wallet Mar. 16

  • Lake Tye: Wakeboard plan not suitable here Mar. 16

  • Henry Mathews: Good to profile our fine citizens Mar. 16

  • Shootings: Cases show police treated differently Mar. 16

  • Politics: Liberals buy vote, group by group Mar. 15

  • Navy Sonar Tests: We must protect our marine life Mar. 15

  • Election: Would Paul make good VP choice? Mar. 15

  • Fishing industry: So many lost to dangerous job Mar. 15

  • Governor race: Inslee only acting out of self-interest Mar. 15

  • Legislature: Too little done in regular session Mar. 15

  • Everett Transit: Cutting routes to help Swift? Mar. 15

  • President Obama: Take cold shower before voting Mar. 14

  • Shooting fatality: Community feels for the family Mar. 14

  • State budget: Can't leap ahead to better times Mar. 14

  • State budget: Senate plan hurts workers, children Mar. 14

  • Oil prices: Monetary system caused inflation Mar. 14

  • President Obama: Ability to work middle a big deal Mar. 14

  • Dental care: Necessary work insanely costly Mar. 14

  • Bothell annexation: What part of 'no' doesn't city get? Mar. 13

  • Politics: Inslee's decision is disappointing Mar. 13

  • Transportation: Ferry budget doesn't hold water Mar. 13

  • Education: Ignorant citizens indict schools Mar. 13

  • Church history: Great Britain's long past detailed, fabled Mar. 13

  • Traffic cameras: Let's green light important stuff Mar. 13

  • Marysville: Sorrow card for losing Hallmark Mar. 12

  • State budget: Real leaders able to make decisions Mar. 12

  • Aaron Reardon: Evidence we need free elections Mar. 12

  • Snohomish County: Tax formula at odds with reality Mar. 12

  • State budget: Health-care bill for teachers bad Mar. 12

  • President Obama: Too many women fall for his tricks Mar. 12

  • Same-sex marriage: Legislature spoke for the majority Mar. 11

  • Dental care: Dentists' fees are the real problem Mar. 11

  • Annexation: Bothell can better provide services Mar. 11

  • Monroe: City circumvents will of the people Mar. 11

  • Traffic cameras: Eyman needs long look in the mirror Mar. 11

  • United States: Policeman role bankrupting us Mar. 11

  • Amtrak: Our trips have always delivered Mar. 10

  • Everett High: Caring students will make world better Mar. 10

  • Everett High School: Dinner for seniors a wonderful night Mar. 10

  • Trooper Radulescu: WSP thankful for support after fatality Mar. 10

  • Beatles Tribute Show: Music Project was a fun day's night Mar. 10

  • Society: Where's help for existing children? Mar. 9

  • Politics: Birth control flap hides real issues Mar. 9

  • Society: Death, injury of kids preventable Mar. 9

  • Evergreen Way: Plan detrimental to neighborhood Mar. 9

  • Dental care: Education, state aid are essential Mar. 9

  • Chickens: Raising fowl attracts rats Mar. 8

  • Politics: Corporations are often good citizens Mar. 8

  • Health insurance: If doctor-ordered, preventive, cover it Mar. 8

  • Genocide: Survivor shares so we can learn Mar. 8

  • Women in society: Discrimination does indeed exist Mar. 8

  • Spiritual life: Church news is valued by readers Mar. 7

  • State budget: Most vulnerable need our care Mar. 7

  • Everett schools: Much changed in past 20 years Mar. 7

  • Nanny state: Government is running amok Mar. 7

  • Band of Brothers: Liquor cache was enjoyed by troops Mar. 7

  • Public service: State employees deserve thanks Mar. 7

  • Afghanistan: Burning Quran par for the course Mar. 6

  • E-Verify: Program does have problems Mar. 6

  • Candidates: Religious topics just distraction Mar. 6

  • Dental care: Insurance doesn't mean coverage Mar. 6

  • Religion: Teach that belief is faith, not fact Mar. 6

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